Dress Like a Pirate Day

Shipwrecked - Dress like a pirate Shipwrecked - Dress like a pirateDon your finest pirate garb as part of the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s Dress Like a Pirate Day and be in the running to win a prize! Friday 1 October.

Here are some suggestions for your pirate outfit.

Ask an adult to help you and be sure to ask for permission from your parents/guardian before you decide to alter any of your clothing!

If you don’t have any old clothes at home, ask your friends and family if they would be happy to donate some old clothes to you for the competition. Thrift shops are also a great source for clothing!

Bottoms (Pants or Skirt)

  • Go for a dark colour such as black or brown for both pants and skirts
  • If you have some old pants at home, ask for permission to cut them off at the knees
  • Long flowing skirts are best


  • The easiest option is an old long sleeved white shirt - frilly details at the centre or on the sleeves make for an authentic touch!
  • A checked long sleeve shirt would also be appropriate.
  • Waist jackets can be made out of old t-shirts.
  • Complete the look with a big sash around your waste, using material off-cuts!


  • Big black boots are a great option
  • Bare feet are another option but make sure you wear shoes to and from the Museum - you can take them off for the judging process.

On your head

  • You can make pirate hats from paper and there are many templates available on the web
  • A bandana made from old fabric to tie around your head


  • Children with their ears pierced could opt for big hooped earrings
  • Big chunky gold and silver necklaces and bracelets are also a great touch!

Your face

  • Make an eye patch using black paper or cardboard and elastic – you may need to ask an adult for assistance!
  • Borrow an eye-liner pen from Mum and draw a moustache and/or beard on your face

There will be prizes awarded for:

  • Best dressed boy pirate
  • Best dressed girl pirate
  • Best dressed family of pirates (we’re very flexible as to what constitutes a family of pirates!)

Dress Like a Pirate Day supported by:

Reef HQ Sunferries The Brewery

Reef HQ | Sunferries | Townsville Brewery

Event Details

01 October 2010