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Get a dispatch from the cane toad front line in a free talk at the Museum of Tropical Queensland on Tuesday 14 June from 12 to 1pm.

We all know a cane toad when we see one hopping around our backyard. But how well do we know their story, and what do they have to teach us? Research over the last ten years has revealed some fascinating facts about our best-loathed backyard denizen.

In this public seminar, Dr Ben Phillips will reveal the little-known history behind the toad’s introduction to Australia. We will learn how political machinations can lead to very poor decisions, and we will, ultimately, see this lesson repeated in the toads’ more recent political history.

We will also look at the toads’ natural history in Australia: its impact on native species and its spread across northern Australia. We will see that cane toads might have lessons for us about the impacts of climate change, and how we interpret the fossil record. We will also see that toads have something to teach Charles Darwin about evolution.

So if you want to find out how the toad race at your local pub can be linked to an Australian Prime Minister, a famous English naturalist, fossilized pollen, and your morning cup of tea, we'll see you there.

Event Details

14 June 2011, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Level One Theatre
Free with Admission

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