Discover More Talk - Be snake smart this season

Eastern Brown Snake, Pseudonaja textilis

As part of the museum's Discover More talk series, local herpetologist Gavin Kriesel will host a display of live snakes and explain what to do if you encounter one.

Queensland is home to 120 species of snakes and Gavin will show some of the variety found in North Queensland.

He has been a certified snake remover since 1999, in which time he has relocated snakes of various species, including some up to 3.5m in length.

Eastern Brown Snake, Pseudonaja textilis.
Photograph by Richard Jackson



Gavin is heavily involved with the North Queensland Herpetological Society, and through his own company, Blackadder Reptiles, gives snake awareness presentations and reptile displays.

Event Details

08 November 2011, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Theatre room
Free with Admission

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