Creepy Crawlies Alive!

They're back! A cavalcade of curious critters is returning to MTQ for the Creepy Crawlies Alive! holiday program this Easter. Join us for two weeks of fun family activities, with live insect and reptile displays, craft and games and more.

We've got a new prehistoric mascot and want your help to name it! Visit to see our new roaming trilobite and you could win your own replica in our naming contest.

Things to do ALL day, everyday

30 March to 14 April

  • Creepy Crawlies Alive! Bug Houses
    Take a tour around the bug houses and learn about North Queensland’s amazing insects.  Learn how to keep your own creepy crawly alive at home.
  • Evolution Trail
    Follow the clues in the discovery trail to collect your prehistoric creepy crawlies and complete the Evolutionary Timeline.
  • Insect Highway
    Rainforests are abuzz with insect activity. Add your insect creation to the Insect Highway.
  • Feed the Giant Spider
    Our giant arachnid is very, very hungry.  Create a creepy crawly to feed the spider.  Things to make and do – lots of bugs to cut, colour and glue!
  • Macro Marvels
    Marvel at these extraordinary close-up images of North Queensland’s most magnificent creepy crawlies!
  • Bugsville
    Dress-ups, puzzles and activities about creepy crawlies for the little ones.  0-5 years, adult supervision required.
  • Meet Beau the Butterfly - 12.30pm
    Come say hello to our friendly mascot, Beau the beautiful Ulysses butterfly.


Saturday 6 & Sunday 7, Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 April

  • Radical Reptiles Display
    10am to 1.30pm
    Check out Ranger Dan’s live creepy crawlies!
  • Time travel with Ranger Dan to Gondwana
  • Meet Ranger Dan’s seriously slithery reptile friends


Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April
Monday 8 to Friday 12 April

  • Facepainting
    9.30 to 11.30am
    Be transformed into an interesting insect, spectacular spider or radical reptile. 
  • Radical Reptiles
    10am to 1.30pm
    Check out Ranger Dan’s live creepy crawlies!
  • Minibeasts Floor Talk (Creepy Crawlies Alive! display)
  • Time travel with Ranger Dan to Gondwana 
  • Minibeasts Masterclass (theatre)
    Week 1 - Learn how to keep pet insects.  Week 2 - Queensland Museum's entomologist Dr Chris Burwell will talk about North Queensland's unique insects.
  • At the bottom of the garden…
    12noon to 3.30pm
    Visit our garden and help fill it with bugs and beasties.
  • Meet Beau the Butterfly and Professor Pinboard
    Come and say 'hi' to our cuddly mascot, Beau the Ulysses butterfly, and Professor Pinboard . Will Beau measure up to Professor Pinboard's expectations? How does he compare with giant prehistoric insects?
  • Meet Ranger Dan’s seriously slithery reptile friends
  • Minibeasts Floor Talk

Special activities

Bookings required - phone (07) 4726 0600 

  • Superheroes!
    Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April – 10.30am
    Can you taste with your feet?  Could you carry your car up Mt Everest?  Discover the amazing super-powers of insects and explore the world of insect senses. (Ages 5-12)
  • Insect Survivor
    Monday 8 to Friday 12 April – 10.30am
    Do you have what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast the invertebrates?  Come test your skills and see how you compare. (Ages 5-12)

Event Details

30 March 2013 09:30 AM - 14 April 2013 05:00 PM
Free with Admission

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