Cyclone talks on Sundays

Our new exhibition, Come Hell or High Water: cyclones of North Queensland, uses personal stories, documentaries, photographs and objects to tell how cyclones have shaped the lives and lifestyles of North Queenslanders over the last century.

The Cyclone Talks on Sundays series looks at cyclones from different perspectives, from social to scientific.


3 November Robert de Jong, exhibition curator Come Hell or High Water has very strong community connections and Robert will talk about how the exhibition was developed.
10 November Richard Wardle, Bureau of Meteorology's Queensland Weather Services Manager Richard will talk about the impact and severity of cyclones and tornadoes in Queensland.
17 November Dr Erin Bohensky, CSIRO Erin will talk about public perceptions of disasters and they way they are portrayed in the media.
24 November Bernadette Lawson, award-winning local author Bernadette and a group of Yasi survivors will share their stories of bravery, resilience and mateship.

Event Details

03 November 2013 12:30 PM - 24 November 2013 01:30 PM