Dinosaur Discovery Holiday Program

We’re pulling out all the stops and putting on a special program to farewell the dinosaurs.


What’s On Every Day

9.30am – 4pm


  • Dig Pit
  • Dino craft
  • Dino dress-ups
  • Special appearances by Cuddles the baby Australovenator


Palaeontologist’s Apprentice

Tuesday 4 to Friday 7 July, 1.30pm – 2.45pm

$7.50 / child (ages 8-15 years)




Junior palaeontologists will meet a real dino-discovering palaeontologist, help prepare a real fossil and make their very own plaster cast fossil to take home. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The activity charge does not include admission to the Museum which must be paid for all attendees (including accompanying adults) at the front counter prior to the activity.






Special guests

Free with admission


Live Reptiles – dinosaur relatives

Monday 26 to Friday 30 June (excluding Wednesday 28 June)

Show times: 10am and 12pm


Meet Ranger Dan and his dinosaur relatives including a baby crocodile, lizards, snakes and turtle. Discover the differences and similarities between modern reptiles and dinosaurs.


Live Birds of Prey – modern day dinosaurs

Tuesday 4 to Friday 7 July

Show times: 10am and 12pm


Meet Deborah Carter and her live birds of prey and learn more about the challenges facing raptors today. Deb and her birds, including Atlas the Wedge-tailed Eagle, Bruiser the Barking Owl, Ford the Brown Falcon and Lady Hawk the Pacific Baza, will be on the Waterside Terrace.


Dinomite – the life-size dinosaur puppet

Wednesday 28 June ONLY

Show times: 10am and 12pm


Join Dinomite, our teenage Carnosaur, during an interactive training session with his handler. Who will be brave enough to inspect his teeth or clean up after him?


Event Details

24 June 2017 09:30 AM - 09 July 2017 05:00 PM

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