Stories from the Torres Strait, A celebration through dance, music, song and story

The Torres Strait is home to a strong and vibrant culture that is thousands of years old.

Dance, music, song and story have long been a vital aspect of Torres Strait Islander culture. They are used to remember ancestors, to tell stories, to record significant events, and to keep family stories alive.

Objects are an important part of performance, bringing stories to life, and allowing ancestors to communicate once more.

Dance, music, song and story continue to be passed down from generation to generation, and remain a key part of Torres Strait Islander cultural practice today.

Stories from the Torres Strait is a celebration of this culture, showcasing objects from the Queensland Museum's collection.

Cultural Advice. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this exhibition may contain images and voices of people who have died.

Event Details

27 February 2012 09:30 AM - 27 April 2012 05:00 PM
Level One
Free with Admission

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