A is for Animals

The Australian War Memorial’s latest travelling exhibition, A is for Animals is on display at the Museum of Tropical Queensland until 13 March.

A is for Animals offers an A to Z of animals in war, from mascots and messengers to creepy-crawlies. Animals are put to many uses in war. Sometimes they have jobs to do: the horses, camels, mules, and donkeys used to transport soldiers and equipment, as well as carrier pigeons and tracker dogs with their special talents.

While animals are often used as mascots and pets, or as symbols on badges and flags, A is for Animals also looks at those unwelcome animals, such as insects, rats and wild creatures that make life in the field even more difficult and dangerous.

A number of objects on display have links to Queensland, including 1915 recruitment posters published by the Queensland Government and a ‘Felix the Cat’ toy, the unofficial mascot of the Gun Plot Room aboard HMAS Brisbane.

The Australian War Memorial’s Travelling Exhibitions program is funded by the Australian Government’s Commemorations Program.

A is for Animals is also supported by Visions of Australia, an Australian Government Program supporting touring exhibitions by providing funding assistance for the development and touring of Australian cultural material across Australia. 

Event Details

21 January 2011 09:30 AM - 13 March 2011 05:00 PM