Colour - Secret Language of the Reef

Colour: Secret Language of the Reef, is a new interactive exhibition which explores how coral and marine creatures on the Great Barrier Reef use colour, light, patterns and textures to communicate.

Photograph of Mantis Shrimp Photograph of Reef Hero activity Photograph of Coral Explorer display

After decades of research, scientists have a good understanding of the Great Barrier Reef’s changing kaleidoscope of colour.  Today we know it can indicate the health of the reef, warn of danger, promise partnership and assist in deception and concealment.

Many reef creatures, such as Mantis Shrimp which reflect polarised light from their bodies, use colour and light in ways we are only just beginning to understand to flash secret signals that we will never see without the help of advanced technology.

Proudly supported by South32, Colour: Secret Language of the Reef interprets modern marine science such as the use of robots to explore reefs up to 130 metres below the surface, using modern technology such as a green screen, and showcases some of the museum’s own internationally renowned coral research and collections.

Colour: Secret Language of the Reef is proudly supported by South32.

South32’s support of this exhibition underlines their dedication to educating the wider community about the remarkable natural resource that is the Great Barrier Reef, and how we can all work to preserve its wonder for future generations.

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Level Two