Secondary Schools

Taxonomy Tales

Students will be exposed to how the marine scientists working at the Museum of Tropical Queensland conduct their research, manage the biodiversity collections and describe new species. Students will classify specimens from the Museum collection and be prompted to consider the contribution of taxonomic classification to our understanding of the natural world. 

This program is ideal as either an introduction or end activity to a unit on the classification of living things. It can be adapted to suit either a Year 7 Science or a Year 11 / 12 Biology audience.

Curriculum: Science │ Biological Science │ Senior Biology │ Science as a Human Endeavour

Uncovering Pandora

Students will learn of the fascinating stories of the HMS Pandora, from her voyage across the Pacific to try and locate the mutineers of the infamous HMS Bounty and the tales of survival from her wrecking on the Great Barrier Reef in 1791, to the modern day archaeological excavation of the maritime wreck and the work of Museum staff in conserving its artefacts for generations to come.

This program provides learning from a local historical site, complements aspects of the Year 9 History curriculum and supports the archaeological components of the QCAA senior histories syllabi.

Curriculum: HASS │ History │ Senior Ancient History │ Senior Modern History

World Science Festival Schools' Day

As part of the World Science Festival Brisbane Regional Program Townsville, students will be invited to participate in a series of apprentice workshops with Museum curators. Students will learn about the scientific work which happens every day at the Museum, listen to our scientists' career journeys and complete hands-on activities behind the scenes. Stay tuned for 2018 dates.

Curriculum: Science │ Science as a Human Endeavour

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